Wireless Solutions

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The ambulatory monitoring instruments can be used for such measures as ECG, EMG, EEG, skin conductance (GSC), impedance cardiography, goniometers, accelerometers, and other transducers. MindWare's BioLab acquisition and analysis applications seemlessly integrate everything to give you the "total picture" on multiple or single subject studies in psychology, behaviour, and biomechanics applications.

How it Works

Each unit can collect data locally to a SD memory card or transmit data via Wi-Fi with a wireless router to a desktop PC. Up to 8 units in any combination, or 32 different channels can be acquired simultaneously from multiple subjects, or a single subject. In addition, collection of audio, video, and triggering / event marking can be integrated into the system through additional MindWare hardware.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Collects EKG, GSC, EMG, Z0, dZ/dt and respiratory signalsUnparalleled real-world monitoring for virturally any project
Real-time multi-unit synchronisation Investigate interactions between subjects live
Subject response buttonsIntractive feedback during an experiment
Local recording to SD cardNever lose data
Simple electrodes interfaceMinimal impact on subject
Integrate with eye tracking and behavioural observationsGet a 'complete picture' from your subject
Raw data integrity - changes only made in the softwareNo possibility of accidentally changing hardware settings

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