Viso for Animal



Viso for Animal is the solution for scheduling and making long-duration video recordings in animal facilities. Up to 8 cameras can be used to make recordings that can be opened in The Observer XT for quick review and detailed analysis.

How it Works

Using robust IP cameras, Viso for Animal offers complete flexibility for your recordings.

  • Set frame rate and recording time to get the recording you need with minimum file size
  • Record for minutes, hours or days at a time
  • Schedule recordings daily, weekly or monthly
  • Select up to 8 cameras
  • Annotations can be added during recording
  • Review and start / stop recordings remotely
  • Open videos in The Observer XT
  • Three different levels of administrative access

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Scheduler to set recording periodsLow maintance recording
Multi-cameraNever miss a behaviour
Review and start & stop recordings remotelyAuthorised users can watch live and make changes
Seamless analysis in The Observer XTNo time wasted post-processing recordings
Three levels of accessControl how users access sensitive recordings
Long duration recordingNo need to work with fragmented recordings


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Viso for Animal:

Monitoring long-term behavioural changes
Animal health professionals
Studying the effect of enrichment
Improving detection of disease

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