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Viso is a software suite for recording audio, video and screen capture from multiple rooms. Record from up to four IP cameras per room. Easily manage different recordings from one central location. When recording, you can set markers or add comments from any location. You can view the rooms offline or live as the recording is being captured.

How it Works

Choose how many rooms or locations you want to manage.
Choose the number of IP cameras and screen capture devices per room.
Up to 4 Pan Tilt Zoom IP cameras can be connected per room.
Professional quality microphones are integrated in the set up to capture audio recordings.
Control the start/stop recording and the PTZ cameras from one location to create independent recordings from multiple rooms using a single software.
Set markers via a simple key press and add comments at any time to add quick reference and debriefing.
With 3 levels of user (admin, user and guest) it’s possible to have complete control who sees which recordings.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Scalable from 2 rooms to multiple rooms or locations over an LANRecord wherever you need to
Up to 4 Pan tilt Zoom cameras per room and the ability to include screen capture in each roomFlexible recording within and between rooms
Choose who is able to access which recordings with 3 levels of user rightsControlled assess and security
Separate session recordingstart and stop recordings in multiple rooms simultaneously, with a single click of the button
Playbackthe videos are immediately available to be re-played
Annotationstag specific points and easily jump right to that point in the video afterwards



These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Behavioural Observation LaboratoryMake Viso part of your full behavioural observation lab set-up
Screen captureRecord detailed information from device


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Viso:

Healthcare labs
Record from multiple rooms and provide rapid training feedback
Psychology labs
Counselling psychology student training and provision of rapid feedback
Usability testing
Record from multiple labs for interviews, usability testing and focus groups
Consumer behaviour
Observe use of packaging materials, food preparation and food consumption

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