TrackLab allows researchers to automatically measure behaviour, space usage and other metrics indoors and in outside environments. Powerful analysis and visualisation software allows human and animal researchers to quickly get answers to their study questions.

How it Works

Using Ultra-Wide band or GPS technology and multi-modal sensors TrackLab allows user to look at:-

  • Locomotion
  • Space usage including user-defined zones
  • Health measures
  • Social interactions

Data can be visualised and analysed in detail easily in TrackLab with easy export. Data recording can be scheduled and tracking watched live on site or remotely.

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Here are some of the many scenarios which have used TrackLab:

Educational Psychologists
Looking at social development in early years
Animal Welfare Professionals
Studying the effect of enrichment
Ergonomics Researchers
Investigating health and safety in work spaces
For early detection of diseases

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