Tobii Pro X3-120

Tobiipro x3 120 eye tracker person in front of scr


The ultra-slim Tobii Pro X3-120 is a screen-based eye tracker designed for detailed fixation-based studies, sampling at 120Hz.

How it Works

This flexible eye tracker is ideal for studies out of the lab, with its ultra-slim design making it unobtrusive to the user.

  • Gaze position accuracy: 0.4 degrees (optimal environment)
  • Precision: 0.24 degrees (optimal environment)
  • Operating distance: 50-90cm
  • Tracking range: 50 x 40cm at 80cm
  • Integrated design and analysis software
  • Compatible with a range of programs

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Ultra-slim (324x20x17mm) and lightweight (118g)Fully-mobile and versatile through use with laptops, monitors and tablets
Free head movementCaptures natural behaviour
High accuracy and unparalleled tracking capabilityRobust data from a wide cross-section of the population
Quick and easy calibrationParticipant set-up made simple
Tobii Pro Lab softwareConduct your whole experiment quickly and easily; producing both visualisations and quantitative data outputs

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