Tobii Pro Fusion

Tobiipro fusion eye tracker testing baby at home


The Tobii Pro Fusion is a high-speed, portable screen-based eye tracker for use in and out of the lab.  It is ideal for collecting data in convenient locations to the participants, such as schools and hospitals.

How it Works

Attach the compact Tobii Pro Fusion to a laptop or PC and collect gaze robust and reliable  fixation and saccade data.

  • Sample rate up to 250Hz
  • Video-based pupil and corneal reflection eye tracking
  • Dark and bright pupil illumination modes
  • Binocular tracking
  • Dimensions and weight: 37cm x 1.8cm x 1.37cm & 168g
  • Gaze position accuracy: approx. 0.4 degrees (optimal environment)
  • Precision: approx. 0.3 degrees RMS (optimal environment)
  • Freedom of head movement: 30cm x 25cm at 65cm
  • Use standalone or with laptops of up to 24”

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Two eye tracking cameras and improved algorithmGreater head movement tolerance
No external processorEnables ease of portability
Support for USB Type-C portUse with latest computers
Pupil size data reportedProvides a measure of cognitive load
Eye images providedVisualise effectiveness of eye tracking


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Tobii Pro Fusion:

Developmental psychologists
Collecting gaze data in schools

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