Simi Shape 3D

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Revolutionary markerless motion capture system. Simi Shape 3D allows full-body 3D motion capture and analysis without any markers. Simi Shape captures movement based on silhouettes.

How it Works

  • Participant videos are captured by 8 cameras
  • Silhouettes are extracted (separation of participant and background)
  • Fitting of silhoutettes for virtual 3D-model and person
  • Optimal fitting of silhouettes with 3D-model allows extraction of 3D joint positions and joint angles
  • The results are 3D joint positions and joint angles (similar to marker-based systems but without using markers)

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Integration with Simi MotionOffers the unique solution for hybrid use of two technologies, marker-based and markerless
Image based tracking without markersNo time loss attaching marker sets, reduction of artefacts caused by misplacing markers


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