Simi Motion

Gait analysis


Motion analysis of human, animal and mechanical devices in 2 & 3D.  Measure angles, accelerations, forces and distances using automatic tracking of as many points as you need.
Integrate motion capture with other devices such as forceplates & EMG.  Visualise results in tables, graphs, stick figure overlays and as sequences of images.  Automatically calculate and export a range of statistics from raw or filtered data.

How it Works

  • Capture video and analogue data direct to a PC or laptop
  • Select from a pre-defined set of points to track or define your own
  • Link each point to right part of the body once - and then track automatically
  • Display your data with stick figures, video, tables and graphs that can be exported
  • Analyse your data using Simi's comprehensive analysis and transformation options

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Collect data using automatic (marker) tracking, automatic pattern matching (markerless) or manual digitisationTracking is quick and easy
Capture video direct to a laptop for immediate analysisPortable solutions for on-site work
Visualise with tables, graphs, stick figures image sequences and apply 3D models to sets of pointsDisplay your results clearly, flexibly, immediately
2D, 3D Analysis; import pre-recorded video or record direct to software from multiple high-speed camerasFlexible solutions to get the data you need
Calculate coordinates, velocities accelerations angles and distances; smooth and filter dataA complete range of data analysis options



These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
EMGCapture EMG data with the motion measurements
Foot Pressure MatsFoot pressure measuring equipment can be synchronised and then displayed in Simi Motion
Simi Shape 3D3D full body motion capture without using anatomical landmarks
Bertec Force platesIntegrate force data with your motion measurements
Camera, brackets and tripodsHigh-speed cameras with a range of mounting options


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Simi Motion:

Assessing gait
Analysing and improving athletic performance
Studying manufacturing processes
Teaching the principles of biomechanics
Giving video game characters realistic movements

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