Simi Aktisys



Simi Aktisys is a quick and simple way to conduct dynamic movement analysis. This user friendly software employs the most up-to-date technology to automatically track coloured LED markers from recorded video or directly from a live video stream.

How it Works

  • Simi Aktisys is an out of the box complete system dedicated to motion analysis
  • Choose the activity protocol from the pre-defined list
  • Place the 5 LED coloured markers on the partcipant 
  • Calibrate the camera(s)
  • Click Start
  • Joint angles are shown in real time
  • Finish trial
  • Create report - a pdf report automatically shows joint angles as well as the respective video images for key time points

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Available in 2D or 3D system configurationsTime saving, efficient, dynamic and cost effective movement analysis system
Fully automatic tracking of 5 coloured LED markersRapid analysis using reliable data, fast production of report for feedback to participants



Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Simi Aktisys:

Monitoring rehabilitation, providing live biofeedback
Analysing and improving athletic performance
Teaching the principles of biomechanics

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