Artinis PortaMon



A wearable, wireless NIRS device designed for measuring muscle oxygenation.  Used in: sports science; rehabilitation; urology research and mitochondrial capacity research.  Great for in and out of the lab.

How it Works

The Artinis PortaMon measures oxy-, deoxy- and total haemoglobin, and tissue saturation index (TSI).

  •        Continuous wave near infrared spectroscopy using modified Lambert-Beer law
  •        Light emitting diodes; 3 x 2 wavelengths
  •        1 channel for TSI and 3 channels for relative concentrations
  •        Standard nominal 760 and 850nm wavelengths
  •        Photo diode with ambient light protection
  •        Optode distance: 30mm, 35mm and 40mm
  •        Sample rate: up to 10Hz
  •        Weight: 75g
  •        Size: 83.8mm x 42.9mm x 17.2mm

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Fully portableCollect data in any location
Use with superior Oxysoft softwareEasy analysis of your data
Bluetooth capabilityCollect data in real-time
Combine with other techniques, e.g. EEG, ICDSProvides integrated solutions
Utilises non-invasive NIRS techniqueLess stress to participant


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Mulitiple PortaMon devicesMeasure simultaneously on muscle of interest

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