Artinis OxyMon

Oxymon nirs eeg pin electrodes full cap 02


A user-friendly, flexible and very versatile NIRS system, with applications commonly found in: fNIRS; hyeprscanning; brain oxygenation monitoring; and brain computer interface.

How it Works

The Artinis OxyMon measures oxy-, deoxy- and total haemoglobin, with the option of regional tissue saturation index (tsi). 

  •        Continuous wave near infrared spectroscopy using modified Lambert-Beer law
  •        Temperature stabilised pulsed laser sources
  •        Optode holders  can be customised with a distance of 3-4cm recommended
  •        Between 1 and 108 channels
  •        Standard nominal 765 and 855nm wavelengths
  •        Temperature stabilised and cooled avalanche photo diodes with ambient light protection
  •        Weight 7-8kg; dimensions 37x30x9cm
  •        Real-time unlimited data storage

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Utilises non-invasive NIRS techniqueLess stress to participant
Up to 108 channelsExtensive data
Superb variety of optode holders, headcaps and fibresFlexible to meet individual research needs
Use with superior Oxysoft softwareEasy analysis of your data
Combine with other techniques, e.g. EEG, fMRIProvides integrated solutions
HyperscanningMeasure brain activity from two or more people simultaneously

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