Artinis OctaMon

Octamon frontal cortex measure fnirs


A truly portable NIRS device for use in: brain oxygenation monitoring; sport science; functional studies; cerebral studies; and hyperscanning.

How it Works

The Artinis OcataMon measures oxy-, deoxy- and total haemoglobin. 

  •        Continuous wave near infrared spectroscopy using modified Lambert-Beer law
  •        Light emitting diodes, 8x2 wavelengths
  •        8 channels
  •        Standard nominal 760 and 850nm wavelength
  •        Photo diode with ambient light protection
  •        Optode distance of 35mm
  •        1.3m headbands, sizes XS – L, weighing approx. 230g

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Utilises non-invasive NIRS techniqueLess stress to participant
Truly portableCan be used in and out of the lab
Blue tooth connectionOption for wireless observation
Use with superior Oxysoft softwareEasy analysis of your data
Combine with other techniques, e.g. EEG, fMRIProvides integrated solutions
HyperscanningMeasure brain activity from two or more people simultaneously

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