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Mazes are custom-built to a variety of specific dimensions and setups, with or without Infra-red (IR).  Tracksys designed the first IR mazes for rodent behaviour studies, overcoming the difficulty of video tracking rodents with mixed coat colours, and eliminating reflections caused by urine.

How it Works

  • Specify maze type, standard or custom design and dimensions; common mazes include: Open Field, Elevated Plus, T-, Y-, Radial, Zero, Water or Barnes maze
  • Where IR is required, the IR light source is built into the maze or provided via a lightbox and IR filter placed on camera lens
  • Choose black or white IR-transmissive acrylic Perspex, or any colour if underlighting is not required
  • Clear acrylic Perspex can be used for walls and doors
  • Camera mounted on the ceiling, or on a gantry creating a mobile solution
  • Automation where required e.g. to control the doors of a Radial Maze
  • Track rodent or ‘IR shadow’ using EthoVision XT video tracking software

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Standard or bespoke behavioural mazes in a range of colours and dimensionsMazes designed to meet research needs
High-quality build Easy to clean, so animals are not influenced by the secretions of their predecessors
Underfloor IR lighting Accurate tracking when using mixed colour rodents and removes error from urine reflections
Automated components available e.g. maze doors and controlled through EthoVision XTEliminates necessity for experimenter to be present in the lab


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Open FieldsCommonly used to investigate activity, anxiety-related and exploratory behaviour
Elevated Plus Maze or Zero MazeTypically used in anxiety research; time spent in closed versus open arms/segments being compared
T- and Y-MazeFor spatial learning and memory testing
Radial Maze8-armed maze providing a variety of protocols involving spatial learning and memoryRadial maze
Water MazeRodents locate raised platform in spatial learning tests
Barnes MazeCircular table with holes around circumference and goal box under one hole, to test spatial learning and memory
Camera GantryProvides a complete mobile solution when cameras cannot be fixed permanently – useful in shared lab spaces


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Mazes:

Tracking mice in multiple open field mazes
Behavioural neuroscientists
Studying avoidance behaviour in rats

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