Bertec Instrumented Treadmill



Split-belt treadmill with two integrated force plates. Bertec's Instrumented Treadmill is designed to reduce gait laboratory space requirements and eliminate the limitations inherent in a traditional gait walkway

How it Works

The dual-belt treadmill has two belts which can be controlled independently, each half having its own 6-modular incline feature that can be added to the system for uphill and downhill analysis of movements. The control electronics incorporate medically isolated transformers.

* Independent 6-component load measurement from each belt (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mx).

* Independent control of individual belts in both directions.

* No signal interference from outside sources with 100% digital encoding

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Wide integrationWorks with all major motion capture systems
User friendly controlsTest numerous conditions with variable incline, speed, and acceleration options
Developer SDK availableFor custom belt control and data access in deep custom integrations
Independent force measuring beltsReduces gait lab space requirements
Incline featureAnalyse uphill and downhill movements, up to 15 degrees


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Bertec Immersive Labsfull control of lab environment add VR and Motion capture
Overhead support and safety harness users can be comfortable and confident during testing
Incline optionexpand scenarios to forces in uphill or downhill set ups
Instrumented handrailsmeasure upper body forces along with lower body


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Bertec Instrumented Treadmill:

Assessing gait. Evaluating rehabilitation.
Teaching the principles of biomechanics
Analysing and improving athletic performance

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