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FaceReader automatically analyses facial expressions, providing an objective measurement of emotions.  It classifies the six basic expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared and disgusted, as well as recognising 'contempt' and a 'neutral' state.  Attitudes such as ‘interest’, ‘boredom’ and ‘confusion’ can also be automatically measured and recent work even allows researchers to explore whether a person is being sincere (for example when they smile).

FaceReader also logs: valence, arousal, gaze direction, head orientation, age, gender, ethnicity and the presence of facial hair and glasses.

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How it Works

Using still images, video clips or a live feed, FaceReader classifies the face through:

  1.        Face Finding – automatically locates the face for all ethnicities and ages over 3 years.
  2.        Face Modelling – an artificial face model is applied using the Active Appearance Model, describing over 500 key points and texture.  This is used in combination with the Deep Face algorithm to ensure classification even when there is a temporary partial occlusion of the face.
  3.        Face Classification – output provided, with frame-by-frame accuracy.
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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Easy to use and automatic analysisSaves time and gives clear insights into facial behaviour
Project Action ModuleAnalyse group data and present stimuli using the Stimulus Presentation Tool
Action Unit ModuleClassifies the 20 most common action units for more subtle facial changes, and 3 affective attitudes: ‘interest’, ‘boredom’ and ‘confusion’ on an experimental basis
RPPG ModuleEstimates heart rate from colour changes in the skin, reflecting blood flow and oxygenation
Wide variety of visualisation optionsData easily accessible to users
Integrated with other data sources such as other behaviours, physiological measurements and eye tracking via The Observer XT Part of a complete solution for your research needs



These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
The Observer XTIntegrate your automatic facial expression data with other behaviours for a complete analysis


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used FaceReader:

Researching fear responses
Market Research
Testing the impact of new marketing material
Developing more provocative and memorable study aids
Human-computer interaction
Examining the effectiveness of user interfaces

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