EthoVision XT



EthoVision XT is the state-of-the-art video-tracking system that automatically tracks and analyses the activity and behaviour of any animal.  Ideal for a variety of standard behavioural tests such as open field, plus maze and water maze, as well as high-throughput experiments, for example the monitoring of zebrafish larvae.

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How it Works

  • EthoVision XT works on the basis of detecting a contrast between the animal and the background to automatically collect data for a range of parameters including activity, movement, path shape and angular velocity
  • Tracks the centre of gravity (and tail-base and nose in rodents)
  • Select arenas, zones and points of interest
  • Track live or from video
  • Data can be visualised along with external data streams, as well as video of the experiment
  • Experimental parameters are fully exportable in either Excel or text format for further analysis

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Automation of starting, stopping and running of trialsSaves time and reduces human error
Unique Dynamic Subtraction detection method ensures that your animals will still be reliably tracked, even when the background changes i.e. movement of bedding/sawdust with cages, urination, changes light stimuli etcData accuracy maintained in variable conditions
Track animals in any type of arena, enclosure or mazeThe same system can be used for a variety of behavioural tests
Track live or from videosControl where and when you collect you data
Can be installed on multiple PCsData can be analysed in laboratory, office or at home
Track animals in up to 100 arenas simultaneouslyIncrease throughput - get your trials finished quicker
Add-on modules with extra functionality. e.g nose & tail-base tracking, physiological data import and GLP complianceBuy the system you need and build on it as your work needs expand
Powerful and flexible data selection and analysisGet the data you need in the format you need it quickly and easily
First and only video tracking system with GLP compliance (meets 21 CRF Part 11)Safeguard your experiments; settings and changes during acquisition are logged and experimental results are retrievable


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Multiple Body Point ModuleTrack nose, centre of body and tail base for orientation and social interaction studies
Multiple Arenas ModuleTrack animals in up to 100 arenas, for example 96 zebrafish larvae in well plates or rodents in 4, 8 or 16 arenas
EthoVision XT BasicEntry-level system for single animal, single arena, single body point work
Social Interaction ModuleMarker and marker-less tracking of multiple animals
Trial and Hardware Control ModuleControls external equipment, such as doors and platforms
External Data ModuleIntegrate data streams: physiological, vocalisations and environmental
Quality Assurance ModuleProtects your data through assigning different rights to users
Track 3DTrack from 2 camera angles to create X,Y,Z path
Mouse Recognition ModuleRecognises 10 behaviours: digging, drinking, eating, grooming, hopping, supported and unsupported rearing, sniffing, walking and resting
Rat Recognition ModuleRecognises 10 behaviours: grooming, jumping, supported and unsupported rearing, sniffing, twitching, walking, resting, eating, drinking

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