CatWalk XT

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A complete system for automated quantitative gait analysis in rodents. Objectively and rapidly measure a range of gait and individual paw parameters.  Validated research on spinal cord injury, neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s ataxia, traumatic brain injury and peripheral nerve damage.

Free CatWalk XT trial available to evaluate the system and support grant bids.

How it Works

  •            Rodents voluntarily traverse the CatWalk’s glass walkway in a darkened room.
  •          Using the Illuminated Footprints technology and a high speed 100Hz video camera, footprints are captured.
  •          The pressure differences from the changes in how the animal distributes its weight is detected.
  •          A video feed of the pattern of actual footprints is automatically analysed by the CatWalk software.
  •          Data is provided as: raw data on video frame-by-frame basis; run statistics; and trial statistics (averages of multiple runs).

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Accurate assessment of actual footprints and gaitRobust data
High throughput of a range of parameters including: pressure, stride length, swing and stance durationCollect and analyse the data you need quickly and easily
Many recent publications in various research fieldsValidated data
Non-forced, voluntary systemReveals natural gait disturbances
Low light or red ambient light conditionsLow stress environment giving welfare benefits

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