Bertec Immersive Labs



An integrated research system for biomechanical analysis. Combining the Bertec Instrumented treadmill with 3D motion capture and a virtual reality dome. Putting the researcher in full control of the lab environment. 

How it Works

A truly biomechanically accurate immersive research lab.

    Bertec Instrumented treadmill

    3D Motion Capture

    Fully immersive 4 or 5m dome

Create innovative research protocols

    Customize the visual environment 

    Create visual and proprioceptive perturbations

    Interactive challenges and obstacle avoidance

    Live biofeedback

    Control motion of treadmill


Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
3D Motion capture systemIntegration of biomechanical data
Virtual reality domeCreate immersive environment to test sensory performance
Bertec Instrumented TreadmillSplit-belt force instrumented treadmill
Incline featureAnalyse uphill and downhill movements, up to 15 degrees



These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Bertec Instrumented HandrailsHandrails for measuring upper body force
Incline featureAnalyse uphill and downhill movements, up to 15 degrees


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used Bertec Immersive Labs:

Using Bertec equipment for a deeper understanding of biomechanics
Bertec provide reliable tools for assessment and training of balance and mobility
Bertec's products allow customized and targetted therapy

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