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January 2011

Tracksys Behavioural News 8

A Happy New Year! This issue sees the worlds first 500Hz binocular remote eyetracker, a new low-cost motion analysis system and improvements to our range of Noldus products. 

In this issue:

Product Update

500Hz Remote eyetracking has arrived!

Announcing the arrival of the worlds first binocular 500Hz remote eyetracker from SMI. Featuring;

  • Remote, contact-free setup
  • Binocular gaze & pupil data
  • For monitor, TV (from 19, 22... 60") & projection (300")
  • High Accuracy:  <0.4 deg. (typ)
  • Spacial Resolution (RMS): 0.03 deg.
  • Short latency: <6ms for RED500
  • Variable calibration modes: 2,5,9 points, children module
  • Fast & automatic calibration:  <10 sec (5 point) 
  • Works with most glasses and contact lenses
  • Free of charge API/SDK

Contact us for more details and pricing

EthoVision XT 8.0

EthoVision XT 8.0 has been released with some great new features including;

  • Templates for a more efficient workflow
  • Multiple arena manipulation
  • Analysis of hardware events
  • Additional data smoothing options
  • External Commands

Click here for full details and contact us for a quote.

Aktisys - automatic motion analysis

Simi Aktisys is a new generation of motion analysis system; tracking coloured LED markers automatically in live video.


  • Up to 5 active markers tracked automatically
  • Display measurements (e.g. angles) live or from video
  • Automatic detection of gait cycles
  • Defined measurement templates
  • Create PDF or Excel reports
  • Aktisys also functions as a Biofeedback system
  • Low cost

Click here for a video run-though of the system. Contact us for a quote.

User Stories

Spotless Interactive make flexible use of the Mobile Device Camera

A team at Spotless Interactive led by Ben Hogan have been making good use of our Mobile Device Camera (MDC) for;

  • Mobile user testing
  • Mobile application evaluations
  • User experience training courses

Ben reviews the MDC;

'The device is very versatile and lenses can be 'swapped out' to give you different levels of zoom. The device is flexible and means the end user can move around during a session. We would recommend the MDC to anyone doing a mobile user-testing project.'

The Observer XT plays a vital role in the BEHAVE study.

Researchers led by Prof. Gerry Humphris at the University of St. Andrews have been using The Observer XT on the BEHAVE project. The study is investigating the interactive behaviours between dental nurses and nursery-school children during 'Childsmile' flouride varnish application.

Gerry summarises the advantages of using The Observer XT;

'The Observer XT proved highly capable of managing a complicated coding scheme. Initial pilot data already indicates that some nurse behaviours are more closely correlated with the delivery outcome than others. The coder reliability function has allowed us to test coding consistency across time and between users. We next plan to make use of the built-in lag-sequential analysis to investigate correlations further.'


Games Usability Lab. Launch

The new MMU Usability Lab. was launched to a mixture of academic and business clients on the 24th November 2010. Tracksys supported the event with a presentation about what the lab. can deliver. Further open evenings are planned for 2011.

Facility Director Dr Atif Waraich outlined the range of services that the lab. can provide. More details can be found here

Observer XT Coding Scheme Exchange launched

Noldus have launched a new database of Observer XT Coding Schemes. The plan is to make good schemes available for free download.

If you have a Coding Scheme you would like to add to the database, please send a Backup (vpb) together with a description of what the scheme is designed for to Noldus directly via this link


25th March 2011

The Observer XT Training Workshop. Further dates planned this year are the 24th Jun, 30 Sept, 9 Dec. Book here


13-16 March

Winter Neuropeptide Conference

4-5 April


12-14 April

Ergonomics & Human Factors

17-20 April

British Neuroscience Association

26-28 April


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