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July 2010

Tracksys Behavioural News 7

A host of new and updated products from the release of FaceReader 3.0 to a brand new system for high-throughput zebrafish tracking. We are also showcasing three of our most recent behavioural observation suites. Please contact us for more details on any of the items.

In this issue:

Product Update

BeGaze 2.5 - Beyond the Heat Map

BeGaze 2.5 is now available with some great new features including;

FaceReader 3 released

Automatic emotion measurement has never been easier! Now with these excellent new features;

  • Head orientation and gaze direction.
  • Logging of facial changes e.g. 'left eyebrow raised'.
  • New face model for older people.
  • Calibration to adjust analysis to each participant.

More details here.

CatWalk 9.0 released

Automatic gait analysis is now even easier with the release of CatWalk 9.0 with new features including;

  • Interactive footprint measurement - toe spread, print length and paw angle.
  • Data segmentation profiles - select data by speed and number of steps.
  • Automated footprint classification - saving you time.

User Stories

New User Insight Suite at UWIC

We are proud to announce a new User Insight Suite at the The National Centre for Product Design and Development Research (PDR).

PDR is a unique, world-leading facility for rapid ethnographic analysis in a controlled and systematic manner. The User Insight Suite is designed to rapidly uncover sources of innovation, greatly accelerating the effectiveness and speed of development activity.

The latest video observation technology and behavioural analysis software are combined to create natural environments and conditions of use, unobtrusively.

The suite is generating extremely valuable consumer and user insights, at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

New Computer Games Usability Suite at MMU

The evaluation of computer games is often ad hoc and conducted in-house. The new Computer Games Usability Suite at MMU combines eyetracking, behavioural and physiological measurements of user experience. This allows comprehensive assessment of game playing and navigation.

One inital study will examine the role of arm gestures in game play. The facility is also available for extenal consultancy. Please contact Dr Atif Waraich for more details.

New Usability Suite at Coventry University

The new Usability Suite at Coventry University is purpose-built to conduct focus group and individual product interviews.

The combination of a relaxed, natural environment with state-of-the-art video analysis allows studies to take place with the minimum of disruption, delivering high-quality research.


DanioVision Zebrafish monitoring system released

Announcing the release of the new DanioVision system, designed for high-throughput testing of zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates.

Using a innovative optical design the compact system uses an IR light source to produce stable sharp images of the fish.

Rapidly track and analyse data from large number of animals using EthoVision XT.

Delta Phenomics - Behavioural Testing Services

Delta Phenomics is a new consultancy service offering fast and reliable animal behaviour testing services. Their bespoke service includes a range of standard tests for;

  • Automated Gait Analysis
  • Home-cage testing
  • High-throughput behavioural screening

DP has rodent models for;

Parkinsons Disease, Pain, Ageing, Depression, Schizoprenia, Anxiety and Social behaviour.

Please contact Delta Phenomics directly for more details.


30th September

The Observer XT Training Workshop. Apply!

As required

EthoVision XT Workshop and SIMI Motion Analysis Workshops (Apply!


25-28 July - Harrogate

British Association for Psychopharmacology

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