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December 2008

Welcome to Issue 4 of Tracksys Behavioural News

Tracksys is 15 years old! From modest beginnings we now offer standalone and integrated solutions that include manual and automatic behaviour measurement, eyetracking, motion analysis, physiological measurement and behavioural observation suites. 

In this issue:

Product Update

Coder licences released for The Observer XT 8.0

Users of a full Observer XT 8.0 can add additional inexpensive licences that allow coding and visualisation only. A team of researchers can collect data more quickly at greatly reduced cost. Data files are combined and analysed in the using the full licence. There are no restrictions on the number of projects that can be used!

50% discount to upgrade Observer XT 7.0 to 8.0 until Jan 31st 2009

A half-price upgrade from Observer XT 7.0 to 8.0 is available until Jan 31st 2009. If you are an Observer 7.0 licence holder we'll be in touch this month!  

User Stories

CatWalk plays a vital role in spinal injury research

Professor John Priestley's group is interested in the areas of neuroprotection following traumatic spinal cord injury and using biomaterials to repair peripheral nerve injury.

'It is important to access the functional recovery of the hindlimb using different behavioural tests. We use a CatWalk system to analyze the hindlimb function recovery in many ways that traditional methods could not. We have tried CatWalk in our recent work examining the potential of novel silk biomaterial in peripheral nerve repair. We looked at two functional indices: intensity and foot print. So far, the results are looking good!'

SIMI Motion expands options in podiatry research

SIMI Motion is used by Joe Kelly, Head of Podiarty at Tallaght Hospital, for podiatry research investigating primarily the role of in-shoe orthotic devices in patients with patellofemoral pain. The system compliments an orthotic in-house Cad/Cam facility at the practice.

This is the first installation of SIMI Motion in private practice in the Republic of Ireland. It will be for available for clinical day to day assessment of patients attending for podiatric biomechanical assessment.  Clients include Irish Rugby Football Union, (IRFU), Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), 2008 Olympians (Athletics) Pace Carding Scheme and the National Coach Training Centre (NCTC).


Introducing ActiWave

A lightweight, wireless system for capture of continuous data i.e. ECG, EEG, EMG. Data can then be synchronised and displayed in The Observer, EthoVision and SIMI motion.

Announcing Real-Time motion analysis

A new Real-Time module is available for SIMI Motion, the video-based 2D & 3D motion analysis software. Markers are tracked automatically and the motion data is displayed alongside the video window in real-time.


26th March 2009

EthoVision Training Workshop - click here for more details

26th March 2009

SIMI Motion Training Workshop - click here for more details

27th March 2009

The Observer XT training workshop - click here for more details


5th December

ASAB Winter Meeting

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