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May 2008

Welcome to Issue 3 of Tracksys Behavioural News

This issue focuses on new developments in three key products; eyetracking, motion analysis and video tracking. We also feature a diverse range of new behavioural observation suites that are now in use.

In this issue:

Product Update

Experiment Centre available for remote eyetracker

Our Remote Eyetracker has become even easy to use with the launch of Experiment Centre. The simple interface allows you to design and run your experiments automatically. Data and movie capture are also automatic and the results can be opened immediately in BeGaze or The Observer. 

Contact us for further details.

EthoVision XT R2 and GLP Module now available

The lastest version of EthoVision XT is now available featuring more detailed analysis include rotations, more automation of experiments and the advanced functionality of the multiple body point, physiological and GLP modules.

Contact us for further details.

SIMI Motion high-speed module leaps forward

Announcing the new high-speed module for SIMI Motion. Capture 500fps, at 1280 x 1024 resolution for up to 12 seconds from 4 cameras; all to a single workstation!

Contact us for more details.

User Stories

New lab for the Centre for Research and Innovation in Learning and Teaching

NCI Dublin have been equipped with a new behavioural observation suite featuring multiple camera views, screen capture, eyetracking and automatic logging of emotional state and keyboard/ mouse use. Linked by a local private network this system will be used in a variety of projects in the coming months.


New observation lab. at Queens Medical Centre expands possibilities

A purpose-built observation suite has been added to the Nursing School at QMC, Nottingham. Initial work will centre around usability studies, but the new lab will also be used for interviews, discussion groups and presentations.

Sight improvements via gene therapy assessed with head-mounted eyetracker

The BBC have featured a head-mounted eyetracker and other camera equipment supplied by Tracksys, in a report on gene therapy as a treatment for failing sight. The assessment was conducted at the PAMELA lab. at UCL. Movie footage from the work and a full report can be found here.


27th June 2008

EthoVision Training Workshop - click here for more details

26th June 2008

Observer Training Workshop - clcik here for more details

27th June 2008

SIMI Motion Training Workshop click here for more details


5-7th July

Physiological Society

23-26th July

Brit. Assoc. of Psychopharmacology

26-29th August

Measuring Behaviour

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