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October 2015

Welcome to Tracksys Behavioural News Autumn 2015

In this issue we have updates on SMIs range of eyetrackers, and user stories, innovations and collaborative opportunities with Noldus.

In this issue:

Product Update

Oculus Eyetracking Tour

This autumn we'll be showcasing SMIs Oculus HMD eyetracking system. We are offering free workshops where potential users can work with examples in Unity and Vizard and discuss their research ideas with us. We'll also have SMIs Natural Gaze Glasses and mobile saccadic eyetracker (RED250Mobile) with us if you'd like to try these too.

If you'd like to join a Workshop just drop us a line and we'll let you know where the nearest one is. You are also welcome to host an event!


SMI Glasses add new features to increase range and connectivity

SMI have expanded the range of possibilties with the market-leading Natural Gaze Glasses. New features include:-

  • A new smart recorder for even more freedom of movement 
  • Mobile connectivity to synchronize biometrics and other data
  • Wireless SDK for live data access and trigger support

More infomation available here

User Stories

ErasmusLadder used to study locomotor adaptation in mice

Not much is known about the plasticity mechanisms that drive the timing and motor learning components of locomotion. Jan-Willem Potters from the Department of Neuroscience at Erasmus MC used the ErasmusLadder to characterise and objectify the locomotion pattern of degenerative Purkinje cell (PCD) mouse lines.

“The ErasmusLadder makes it possible to carry out a precise temporal analysis of locomotion allowing the study of interlimb coordination. The mice can be challenged during perturbed sessions in which they have to cross a suddenly appearing obstacle. The ErasmusLadder yields a more complete and quantitative analysis of locomo­tion than other systems currently available”.

Potters and colleagues were able to successfully characterise and objectify the locomotion pattern of different mouse lines with specific aberrations in the cerebellar cortex, with the finding that PCD mice take longer to learn the locomotor tasks and their performance does not improve with training.  

SMI Glasses and face-scanning related to autistic traits

SMIs eyetracking glasses were used Andrius Vabalas & Megan Freeth at Sheffield University to investigate the patterns of eye movements in face-to-face social interactions in relation to the amount of autistic traits shown. Although high amounts of autistic traits were not associated with reduced overall looking at the social partner, or their face, there was a reduction in visual exploration of the face. The study suggests that the are systematic individual differences in visual exploration during social interactions and these are related to the amount of autistic traits.

More details on the study can be found here


Noldus InnovationWorks

Noldus InnovationWorks is the research and innovation laboratory of Noldus Information Technology and carries out much of its research and development in the context of collaborative projects with academics and other industrial partners. If you'd like to see their latest projects including TrackLab and Drive Lab or explore the possibility of becoming a collaborative partner contact us.

Noldus Case Studies

Noldus are on the lookout for high-quality research stories featuring the use of any of their software and hardware solutions. Each story will feature prominently on their website and in other marketing material. The opportunity to promote your research to a wider audience is open to all and will only require a small effort. Contact us if you'd like to collaborate

Tracksys New Website

Much as we love our old website it is beginning to look like some of our senior staff (a bit ragged round the edges and not good on new technology). From the middle of October all that will change when our new site is launched. In addition to being easier to navigate and access on mobile devices we'll also be including new products and services. Rest assured though that behind the the new 'slicker look' we are still here - focussing on helping get your research done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible with free support.


8 December 2015

Observer XT Training Workshop book here

9 December 2015

EthoVision Training Workshop book here


9-10 November

Human Factors in Aviation Safety

1-2 December

British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES)

3-4 December

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB)

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