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June 2015

Welcome to Tracksys Behavioural News June 2015

In this edition we have new developments in our motion analysis range (Simi Shape), an upgrade offer for our Noldus customers and reports on several workshops (please contact us if you would like to arrange one).

In this issue:

Product Update

Simi Shape Released

Simi – the leader in image based motion analysis technology have released Simi Shape 2.0 marker-less silhouette based tracking in Simi Motion. Simi Shape is a tracking module of Simi Motion. Joint positions and rotations are generated automatically. Kinematic data can be used for further processing in Simi Motion, synchronized with force plates, EMG, etc..Simi Shape uses calibrated videos to get full body 3D Motion capture data without markers.

Simi Shape can also be used in hybrid mode - combining automatic silhouette and marker tracking, which can be of great value especially for research.

See more info about Simi Shape here. To discuss your research needs please contact us.

Noldus Upgrade offer

If you are a user of Noldus software (The Observer XT, EthoVision XT or FaceReader) we are offering discounts on upgrades in June. If you'd like to find out how much you could save by moving to the latest version contact us

User Stories

RedEye and Optimizely Evening Event

On the 22 May RedEye International and Optimizely co-hosted a one of a kind evening event at the Skyloft in Millbank Tower to discuss Conversion Rate Optimisation, UX and Web Personalisation with clients.

The SMI eyetracking Glasses were used in breakout sessions to engage clients about adding this technology for their Omni-channel UX research.The event offered an unrivalled opportunity to gain expert advice on developing comprehensive UX strategies and liaise with well-known brands who are already reaping the rewards of a super-charged CRO strategy.

If you'd like to know more about the event or the role of eyetracking in this area contact us

The Observer XT used to study student nurses learning IT skills

Dr Fern Todhunter in the School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham has used The Observer XT to investigate social learning by student nurses developing their ICT skills. Previous work has shown that working in small groups can aid learning. In this study encouraging student nurses to work in small mixed ability groups can be conducive for social and ICT skill and knowledge development.The Observer XT was used to quantify these improvements on specific tasks.

For more information on The Observer or to discuss your research plans contact us


Erasmus Ladder Tour

Tracksys & Noldus ran a UK tour to showcase a new piece of equipment – the ErasmsusLadder. It is a fully automated system for assessing motor learning and performance in mice, and is the only high-throughput screening tool for examining cerebellar reflexes.

Dr Stephanie Body from Tracksys was joined on the tour by Reinko Roelofs; Noldus product manager. Sites visited included Oxford University, Queen Mary University of London, Manchester and Lancaster Universities; whose interests include neurotrauma, Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease, stroke and metabolic disorders. The ErasmusLadder was well received with some useful feedback given by the researchers visited.

Reinko commented "As the product manager it is vital to reach out to the scientists to explain and discuss the ErasmusLadder. This is the only way we can understand the research desires and wishes of the future and improve our products for the cutting edge science of tomorrow".

For further information on the system, or to arrange a demonstration contact Stephanie here.

Eyetracking Workshop at Leeds University

The University of Leeds hosted an Eye Tracking Workshop. The workshop was an opportunity for researchers from the School of Languages, Cultures, and Societies to be introduced to the current range of SMI eye tracking systems and to spend time gaining hands-on experience with both the Remote Systems and the Eye Tracking Glasses.

"It was great to try the various systems you brought and then to hear the buzz of colleagues discussing potential applications."  Dr Catherine Davies.

For more information or to arrange a Workshop please contact us


23 June

Observer Training Workshop apply here

1st July

EthoVision Training Workshop apply here


24-26th June

ATSiP, Staffordshire University

12th-16th July

International Society of Biomechanics, Glasgow

26th-29th July

British Association of Psychopharmacology, Bristol

28th August

Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting, St. Andrews

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