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October 2007

Welcome to Issue 2 of Tracksys Behavioural News.

We are delighted to announce the release of a new generation of flexible and easy-to-use eyetrackers. This issue also features news of significant installations in motion analysis and observation labs.

In this issue:

Product Update

New remote eyetracker released

Announcing the arrival of the next generation of remote eyetrackers. RED-X can be mounted to a screen or detached for projector and printed media work. New features include;

  • Auto head & eye finder & tracker
  • High tolerance to glasses, contact lenses and head movement
  • Binocular tracking at 50Hz with 0.5 degree gaze position accuracy
  • Inbuilt recording and automated analysis with BeGaze2  

Contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration

New lightweight mobile eyetracker released

Our robust, reliable head-mounted eyetracker has been updated. It can now be used in any situation where freedom of movement is needed e.g. sports applications and market research. New features include;

  • A lightweight headset
  • Tablet laptop recording - a truly mobile solution
  • Quick and easy set-up and recording
  • Comprehensive analysis using The Observer XT

Contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration

FaceReader released

Automatic measurement of mood is now possible using FaceReader. The system uses a video camera to capture and model the face allowing a range of expressions to be automatically recognised. The system also stores the image of each subject for future use - reducing set-up time.

User Stories

Simi Motion expands options at Nottingham Trent University for Dr Conor Osborough

Simi Motion is being used for teaching, research and consultancy in the new Sport Biomechanics Lab. at Nottingham Trent University. A mobile version of the system is currently being used to look at the biomechanical characteristics of able-bodied and disabled swimmers. Simi Motion also provides high-quality feedback to coaches; improving performances at every level.

ActiBand for assessing sleep learning for Dr Gareth Gaskell

ActiBand is being used to investigate the involvement of sleep in learning of words and associations between words. The system offers a convenient means of validating participants' self-reports of sleep.

Participants were happy to wear the ActiBands as they are relatively light and unobtrusive, and in some cases participants reports that they were rather stylish!

For more information about this research, click here.


Teaching Assessment Lab. at De Ferrers Technical College

A new observation laboratory has been installed at De Ferrers Technical College, Burton. An existing classroom has been fitted with dome cameras and microphones allowing teaching methods to be studied in detail. The impact of teaching methods will be analysed using The Observer XT to produce guidelines, video clips and other teaching aids.


17th Dec. 2007

Observer Training Workshop - click here for more details

18th Dec. 2007

SIMI Motion Training Workshop - click here for more details

18th Dec. 2007

EthoVision Training Workshop - click here for details


2-7th Nov

Neuroscience (San Diego)

6th Dec

ASAB Winter Meeting

7th Dec

British Oculomotor Society

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