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October 2014

Welcome to the Autumn 2014 edition

This issue features two new products, Viso and DanioScope, and a low-cost version of our most successful eyetracker of recent years. We also feature CatWalk as a tool for studying neurogenerative conditions and how cutting edge technology is being used to inspire prospective students.

In this issue:

Product Update


Introducing Viso, the new fully-integrated, multi-room recording system from Noldus IT. Features include:-

  • View live and record simultaneously.
  • View recorded sessions immediately afterward recording for feedback / discussion.
  • Recording can be started and stopped from any location.
  • Record high-quality video and audio with pre-programmed pan/tilt/zoom cameras.
  • Centralise independent recordings from multiple rooms.
  • All recordings automatically organised and saved to pre-defined locations.
  • Open recordings immediately in The Observer XT for analysis.
  • Automatically link recordings to eyetracking and other data streams via The Observer XT.
  • Application areas include medical simulations, classroom observations, training and therapy, gaming, and consumer research.

Contact us for more information

Low-cost Eyetracking Glasses now available

Building on the success of SMIs original Eyetracking Glasses, we are happy to announce the release of a low-cost entry level version.

Starting at less than £10K, the new Glasses allow users to record gaze-videos to any compatible device, and can be upgraded to a full research system as required.

If you would like to know more please contact us

DanioScope released

DanioScope is a non-invasive video analysis tool to investigate zebrafish embryo and larvae parameters.

Why use it?

  • All-in-one tool for zebrafish embryos and larvae: activity, heartbeat, flow and morphology.
  • Video-based and non-invasive.
  • Alternative for, or in addition to, fluorescence.
  • Easy and intuitive software, no specific training.
  • Cost-effective solution that is suitable for high-throughput research.

If you would like to know more please contact us.

User Stories

CatWalk used in studies of neurodegenerative conditions at Edinburgh University

Dr Don Mahad from the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Neuroregeneration used CatWalk XT to assess whether it was sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in a mitochondrial mutant mouse model.

The group, who investigate the bioenergetics of Multiple Sclerosis, found that CatWalk XT was sensitive in detecting subtle gait changes in their mice, and was able to detect deterioration in the gait of these mice over a 4 week period.

If your research group is interested in trialling CatWalk please contact us


Eyetracking Glasses inspire new students at the University of Chester

The Department of Psychology at the University of Chester used their  Eyetracking Glasses on two recent Open Days, allowing potential students to try them. Numerous students reported that they had seen eyetrackers on TV, or on display at other universities, but had never had the opportunity to really see what they could do.

By giving potential students a chance to take part in an interactive way, research came alive: leading to discussion about many possible applications. The reaction was extremely positive, with students reporting they felt it was great fun, as well as thought provoking.


9 December 2014

EthoVision Training Day book here

10 December 2014

Observer Training Day book here


12-13 November 2014

Association for Simulated Practice in Heathcare

25-26 November 2014

British Association for Sport & Exercise Science

4-5 December 2014

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

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