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May 2014

Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition

A mixture of new products (ErasmusLadder and remote site equipment), improvements to existing software (The Observer XT 12), and novel user stories.

In this issue:

Product Update

Observer XT 12 released

The Observer XT 12 has been released, with a range of improvements to make coding, visualisation and analysis easier!

  • Visualise comments you enter next to actions or behaviours. Immediately see what has been said when you transcribe conversations
  • Jump from your event log to visualisation and back at the push of a button – a fast and easy way to check your coding work
  • Set a loop in your video to enable detailed coding of an episode
  • Customise playback control to select only the buttons you need for your project
  • Easily select segments of your video to make a demonstration video. Coding work shown in the subtitles
  • Find behaviors or comments quickly by pressing CTRL + F when using the software. The Find window includes a duration column
  • Analyse non-normally distributed data with the new statistics; Median, 25 th percentile and 75 th percentile

Contact us for more details or a demonstration



ErasmusLadder is powerful new automated tool for the phenotyping of motor performance and motor learning in mice in a variety of disease models.

  • Non-invasive system
  • Fast, sensitive and reliable
  • Consists of a horizontal ladder with two cages on its opposite ends
  • Equipped with a pressure sensor in each rung
  • Rungs can be protracted and retracted depending on the position and speed of an approaching animal
  • Can be used to examine cerebellar deficits, autism, neurofibromatosis etc
  • Time spent in start/end cages can give information on hippocampal/amygdaloid deficits

Contact us for more details or to arrange a demonstration


Remote site filming for The Observer XT

A customer approached us and talked about how they wanted to record from multiple cameras with no access to electricity. They also wanted high resolution and audio, and for the results to be available for analysis in The Observer XT.

We now have a solution that allows recording;

  • 7 days a week round the clock
  • at different frame rates
  • continuously, on a timer or under certain conditions (e.g. when there is movement).
  • with optional infra-red light and audio recording capability

Please contact us to discuss your requirements to see if we can help you carry out your research.

User Stories

SIMI Motion Analysis Demonstration at Hudderfield University

On the 17th June there will be a SIMI Motion analysis demonstration workshop in the Biomechanics laboratory, University of Huddersfield.

The lab at University of Huddersfield is equipped with a new SIMI Motion 3D system comprising 4 synchronized high-speed cameras integrated with a Force Plate and EMG data .

The demonstration day is open to all interested in learning more about the SIMI Motion software. For more details please contact us


Wayfinding in Complex Environments

Applied Wayfinding Information Design are experts in creating effective wayfinding in complex information and environments. They combine an analytical approach to understanding how people navigate environments, with a creative approach to information design.Tracksys used SMIs Eyetracking Glasses on an exploratory project with Applied and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). The project aims to improve efficiency by making it easier for staff and visitors to navigate around BIS HQ.

Senior planner Simon Hillier comments:-

'The SMI Eyetracking Glasses offer us a unique way of assessing our designs in a practical, user-friendly way. I was particularly impressed by how easy they are to use and how accurate they are'


10 June 2014

EthoVision Training Day - book here

11 June 2014

Observer Training Day book here


7-9 May Birmingham

British Psychological Society

25-27 June Edinburgh

ATSiP - Association of Technical Staff in Psychology

20-23 July Cambridge

British Association for Psychopharmacology

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