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October 2013

Welcome to the Autumn Edition of Tracksys Behavioural News. Our big announcement is the arrival of the next generation of Eye Tracking Glasses - ETG2. We also have a host of user stories featuring successful research using products from Noldus and SMI.

In this issue:

Product Update

Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 released!

SMI have released the next generation of their revolutionary Eye Tracking Glasses. Features include;

  • A new recording unit - a modified Samsung Galaxy - allowing even easier set-up and long (4+hrs) recordings
  • Binocular tracking at 60Hz
  • Instant calibrationless setup and live view
  • Data aggregation without visual markers
  • Virtual reality and mobile EEG options.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a demo.


User Stories

CatWalk used in Spinal Cord Injury Research

Dr Patrick Pallier is researching spinal cord injury with Adina Michael-Titus and John Priestly. CatWalk is being used to look at the effect of a neuroprotective diet. The system was able to pick up differences between the groups that the BBB recovery score could not. Patrick comments;

I must say I have been extremely impressed by CatWalk, I have recorded both mice and rats very easily, I love it. Set up, training, and recording was done in no time at all!

More details on the research group can be found here

SMI Glasses and Driver Attention

Dr. Lizzie Crundall, of Tracksys Ltd. and the University of Nottingham, presented a paper at the 3rd International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention in Gothenburg. Lizzie works with Dr. Gary Burnett and Dr. David Large to investigate the effects of using different touch-screen interfaces whilst driving.

The SMI Eye Tracking Glasses are worn on a motorway route in a car simulator as a variety of tasks are attempted using a dashboard-mounted touch-screen. The Observer XT acts as a ‘hub’ to synchronise and combine eye-tracking data, simulator data, and other behavioural data such as task start/stop times.

Analysis includes which tasks take the longest time, which tasks are the most visually demanding and lead to the longest ‘off-road’ glances, and which tasks are detrimental to driving performance.Certain user-interfaces lead to significantly more off-road glances and greater variability in some driving measures compared with other user-interfaces. All of the user-interfaces necessitated off-road glances that were longer than 2 seconds, contrary to safety guidelines. The results have major implications for in-car user-interface design and driver safety.

RED-m used in study of Emotion Recognition in Schoolchildren

Dr Puja Kochhar  at the University of Nottingham uses the RED-m with primary school age children to test their emotion recognition abilities. The children’s eyes were tracked while viewing faces showing various emotions. The relatively short calibration time and non-invasive setup allows Puja to use the system successfully in this age group and research area. Of our support Puja comments;

I have received excellent support from the Tracksys team in Nottingham In particular, Lizzie Crundall from the team has been exceptional and has helped me with a wide range of queries by email and in person. I would definitely recommend the RED-m and Tracksys to colleagues.

Video-tracking Colonic Motility with EthoVision XT

Dr Bhavik Patel at Brighton University studies colonic motility using the whole isolated colon in an in-vitro preparation. This provides a vital pharmacological bioassay to understand how the efficacy of therapeutic agents can influence fecal pellet motility.

Using EthoVision XT Bhavik has tracked an epoxy coated faecal pellet to investigate the changes in colonic motility with age. He was able to show that colonic motility was significantly slower in 24 month old murine when compared to 3 month old murine isolated colons.

Diss LB, Robinson SD, Wu Y, Fidalgo S, Yeoman MS, Patel BA. Age-Related Changes in Melatonin Release in the Murine Distal Colon. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 2013; 4: 879-887.


CatWalk Trial available

CatWalk XT is the most published gait analysis system on the market. It's used in research into spinal cord injury, neuromuscular & neurodegenerative conditions, as well as pain research in many other fields. Tracksys have a CatWalk XT available for interested researchers to assess whether the system would be beneficial in their work. If you would like to try the system free of charge for a short period contact us.


3 December 2013

Observer Training Workshop. Details here

4 December 2013

EthoVision Training Workshop. Details here


5-6 Dec 2013

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

16 Dec 2013

British Oculomotor Group. Manchester

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