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April 2013

Welcome to the Spring 2013 edition of Tracksys Behavioural News. In this issue we have a range of new products and updates from our main partners Noldus, SMI and SIMI.

In this issue:

Product Update

E-prime and The Observer XT

Are you interested in directly annotating events in The Observer XT based on stimuli that are independently presented using E-prime? This type of automation will save precious time spent on manually annotating stimuli, before running the analysis in The Observer XT.

  • Start and stop E-Prime software from The Observer XT.
  • E-prime sends the collected data to The Observer XT instantly after the session.
  • Use the powerful analysis options of The Observer XT to analyze E-Prime and other data. This seamless integration makes powerful, integrated analysis possible.
  • E-Prime data is visualised as behaviors and modifiers in The Observer XT; including the time at which the stimulus was presented, which stimulus it was, and participants' response to the stimulus.

To discuss the integration of the The Observer XT with E-prime contact us here

EthoVision XT Heartbeat Detector

EthoVision XT Heartbeat Detector

Zebrafish larvae are transparent and their hearts are clearly visible. Heart rate measurement is important in a wide range of zebrafish research areas, including toxicology, anatomy, genetics, and pharmacology.

This is automated with the EthoVision® XT Heartbeat Detector. This new software is included with EthoVision XT 9.0 and automatically calculates the heart rate based on the detection of rhythmic pixel changes in the heart region of each zebrafish. With the EthoVision XT Heartbeat Detector you do not need to manually count the zebrafish heart rate any more!

Contact for more details here

DanioVision Heater

The Temperature Control Unit is a new addition to DanioVision. When connected to the Observation Chamber, the Temperature Control Unit allows water to flow around the well plate at a user-defined temperature.

The unique design allows warm or cool water, so the conditions for the experiment can be consistent. Furthermore, it is easy to operate: simply connect with the DanioVision Observation Chamber, fill with water, set the temperature and start the experiment.

Contact for more details here

SIMI Motion 8.5 released

The new Simi Motion 8.5 is released with a range of improvements and new features!

  • New marker-less silhouette tracking
  • New WAND calibration for high speed video systems
  • New multi camera systems with 100fps@2MP on GigE base
  • New lens distortion correction
  • New integration and synchronisation possibilities for external equipment (i.e. GaitRite, New Kistler AD box, Rsscan, TekScan, Delsys...)
  • Improved marker tracking (auto marker assignment and pattern matching)
  • New display options for analyses and reports

Contact for more details here


User Stories

EthoVision XT tracks Bed Bugs!

Ailie Robinson, a researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is using EthoVision XT to track the movement of bed bugs.  

The bugs are exposed to different sources of volatiles, and EthoVision XT records how the bugs react to these chemicals.The work is carried out during the bugs' scotophase, as that is when they are most active.  Tracksys recently delivered a custom-made IR light source to backlight the bed bugs, and this has led to more reliable and easier tracking in the dark.

To discuss a custom solution to your behavioural research questions contact us here

Spot the ball with Ken Scott-Brown

Dr Ken Scott-Brown and Bela Havasreti at the University of Abertay Dundee are using the SMI Glasses to develop training materials for novice golfers. Recording and analysis of a golfer's swing from their perspective will be invaluable in improving performance. The regime highlights the paradox of the eye anticipating the next event, even though pro golfers report that holding back this anticatory response improves swing consistency. The Glasses can be used in a laboratory setting and also on any of Scotlands legendary courses!

For more information on the Glasses contact us here

Ken is happy to chat about his research in detail here

Using EthoVision XT in cerebral palsy research

Sophia Zheng, a 1st year Ph.D student at Imperial College is using EthoVision XT to research potential clinical treatments for cerebral palsy using a hypoxic ischaemia model.

Sophia comments "Without EthoVision and the support of Tracksys this research would have been been far more difficult and time-consuming'

For more information on how EthoVision XT could increase productivity and throughput in your research contact us here


SMI Glasses show how an expert views a game!

Rob Stevens at Bunnyfoot recently used the SMI Glasses with football legend Graham Taylor. This generated both interesting results and national press coverage:


Please note that Tracksys are not responsible for the content of third party sites and can confirm that SMI, for whom we distribute in the UK and Ireland, developed and manufacturer the Glasses.


11th June

The Observer XT Training Workshop.

12th June

EthoVision Training Workshop


28th June

UK Preclinical Stroke Symposium

3-5th July

Association of Psychology Technicians

23-31st July

British Association of Psychopharmacology

4-8th August

Behaviour 2013

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