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January 2013

A Happy New Year!  January kicks off with new releases from Noldus and SMI and new staff at our Nottingham office. Here's to a prosperous and productive 2013!

In this issue:

Product Update

EthoVision XT 9.0 released

The latest version of Noldus' market leading video tracking system, EthoVision XT 9.0 is out! With a host of new features including;
  • Activity detection - distinguish between sitting and freezing for fear conditioning and operant work
  • Batch acquistion - track from video files overnight and view your analysis results in the morning
  • Hardware event detection as an analysis parameter; e.g. activity while a light was on or off
  • External commands - trigger physiological recording when EthoVision starts tracking
  • Additional smoothing filters, multiple arena manipulation tools and support for firewire and GigE cameras

Contact us for more details or to arrange a demo

Neuromarketing - Emotiv EEG meets Eyetracking

SMI and Emotiv have partnered to link the Emotiv EEG Neuroheadset with SMIs range of remote eyetrackers for PC and laptop eyetracking.

Through a new interface for SMIs Experiment Suite software users can now;
  • Visualise raw and interpreted data streams live with eyetracking
  • Link emotional responses to eyetracking through one interface
  • Gain a better understanding of user experience
  • Build a complete lab. with FaceReader 5.0 and The Observer XT 11

Interested? Then sign up for one of our roadshows or contact us for more details.

FaceReader 5.0 released

Automatic emotion measurement has never been so easy with FaceReader 5.0. New features include;
  • Score any event such as 'talking' or 'distracted' during emotion tracking. Events and emotions can be analysed together with other behaviours in The Observer XT11 using the Project Integration Module
  • Record a video of the participant during live tracking that can be opened with the data in The Observer XT
  • Advanced API that allows real-time emotions to trigger changes in other programs e.g. anger at a video game automatically triggers a 'cooling down' phase of gameplay

Contact us for more details

The next generation of Remote Site Recording systems

Announcing the next generation of our Tracksys Remote Site Recording systems. New and updated features include;
  • A HD recorder for up to 4 cameras.
  • Seamless integration of videos into The Observer XT or EthoVision XT
  • Solar charger for extended recording

If you'd like to discuss your recording environment and analysis requirement please contact us

User Stories

A new lab at Kingston University

The Observation Laboratory in Psychology at Kingston University has been renovated by Tracksys. The Lab is designed to be a flexible research space for experiments across disciplines.

New Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and microphones are installed and video and audio is captured by the Noldus Media Recorder. The Observer XT 11 is used to analyse the recordings, and to integrate physiological and eye tracking data. The lab. is used to study user-artefact interactions, conduct focus group research, and observe parent-child communications.

Dr Gaëlle Villejoubert and Prof Frédéric Vallée-Tourangeau are already using the Observer to study how material artefacts may support cognitive functioning in decision-making and problem-solving tasks. Learn more about their work here

Dr Jo Van Herwegen explores early vocabulary in toddlers with developmental disorders (such as Williams syndrome). She uses the Observer software to analyse the language and communication used by the parent and child during play sessions. Learn more about her research here


A new team member in Behavioural Neuroscience!

We have a new team member in Behavioural Pharmacology! Dr Stephanie Body joined us late in 2012 to support our Behavioural Neuroscience and Pharmacology customers.

Stephanie gained her Ph.D at Nottingham University examining the role of 5-HT receptors in interval timing behaviour and inter-temporal choice. As a post-doc Stephanie used operant behaviour paradigms and pharmacological intervention techniques.

Stephanie is currently contacting all our EthoVision, DanioVision, CatWalk and PhenoLab users to say hello. If you would like to chat to Stephanie about how our range of behavioural measurement tools could help your research please feel free to contact her.

CatWalk XT 10 Tour February 2013

We'll be on a UK Tour with CatWalk XT 10 in February 2013. We'll be demonstrating all the advantages CatWalk offers including;

  • Illuminated Footprints technology allowing the analysis of real footprint and body weight distribution
  • Automatic Footprint Classification
  • Interactive Footprint measurement - including the Sciatic Functional Index
  • Unforced voluntary movement - no gait disturbances introduced by forced movement

If you'd like see CatWalk please contact us


12 March

Observer Training Workshop - sign up here

22 March

EthoVision Training Workshop sign up here


7-10 April

Festival of Neuroscience - London

9-11 April

British Psychological Society - Harrogate

15-18 April

Ergonomics and Human Factors - Cambridge

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