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April 2012

Welcome to Tracksys Behavioural News 11

In this issue:

Product Update

SMI launch their new RED-m

Announcing the Worlds Smallest High-Performance Eye-Tracking Lab!

Small & Portable- ultra light design and USB powered

Easy to use - with laptops, tablets and monitors

High-quality data - scientific grade temporal and spatial resolution

Ready to go - a complete software package

Seamless integration with other programmes via the SDK

More information can be found here

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Gaze Mapping for the Eye Tracking Glasses

Analysing videos from mobile eyetracker has never been easier with SMIs new Gaze Mapping feature for BeGaze.

Simply select one or more scenes from your video and quickly map data from multiple participants to that scene.

Visualisations such as aggregated heat maps and data for the parts of the video you need are immediately available.

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FaceReader goes 3D

New features now make FaceReader even more powerful;

A new API to allow other programs to react instantly to emotions.

Increased accuracy via 3D modelling.

Batch analysis for multiple videos.

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SIMI Motion upgrade offer

SIMI Motion are offering a low-cost upgrade to existing customers

If you would like to know more about what SIMI could deliver for your research contact us.

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User Stories

Theme explores Game Playing

Sam Dixon, a researcher at Leeds Metropolitan University is using Theme to explore hidden patterns of deceptive and non-deceptive behaviour via games playing. This is part of a larger project DScent which seeks to identify deceptive behaviour prior to a terrorist attack.

Sam is also planning to use Theme to identify hidden patterns in tweeting behaviour prior to, during and after large events and conferences.


Spotless Interactive uses eyetracking & EEG with video gamers

Tracksys and Spotless Interactive are collaborating on a project to look at eyetracking and EEG patterns during games playing.

'Linking strong objective measures together with more traditional assessment techniques will give us a much clearer picture of how games engage players'

Spotless Interactive Director Ben Logan


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26 April

Eye Tracking Glasses & RED-m Tour Edinburgh

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Eye Tracking Glasses and RED-m Tour Stirling


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