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December 2011

Tracksys Behavioural News 10

A Festive Feast of Eyetracking and Behavioural Observation Labs! Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and austerity-free 2012! 

In this issue:

Product Update

Eye Tracking Glasses

Despite being launched just three months ago the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses have already begun to have an impact on the research community;

" The feedback we are getting for the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses is overwhelming. After only three months this product is our most successful product launch ever." says Christian Villwock, Director of SMI's Eye and Gaze Tracking Systems business. "We are convinced that the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses will dramatically change the way how people use mobile eye trackers, in what applications mobile eye trackers can add significant value, and who will use mobile eye trackers. The ease of use and the data quality allows so much more than any solution before."

Download the latest versions of The Observer XT and EthoVision XT

All users of The Observer XT 10 can download the latest version (10.5) free of charge from the Noldus website.

Users of EthoVision 8 can also download the latest update (8.5) free of charge.

If you are using an older version of either system please contact us about upgrading.

User Stories

Durham Sleep Lab.

The Parent-Infant Sleep Lab at Durham University has recently updated its equipment to make use of new cameras, physiological measurement equipment and The Observer XT 10.5.

The new system has already been used in a trial on infant night-time thermoregulation. Video analysis allowed the team to assess how infant sleep position affected temperature regulation.

Armed with this initial data questions regarding the infant sleep environment and overheating related to sudden and unexpected deaths can be investigated.

Meeting in the Middle - Eyetracking Cricket Umpires

Being a Cricket Umpire is a challenging and sometimes dangerous job! Optometrist Nick Dash has been investigating what umpires look at during play using an SMI head-mounted eyetracker.

Nick has devised 11 umpire-specific vision tests all aimed at improving umpire performance and increasing professionalism.

With the arrival of the new Eye Tracking Glasses Nick hopes to continue to develop this work in 2012.

Observing and Analysing On-line learning at NCI

The National e-Learning Laboratory (NELL) is a usability laboratory especially designed for the observation and analysis of on-line learning and interactive systems. It provides an environment where learners and teachers are studied interacting with on-line resources and tools to accurately measure the learning experience.

Equipped with an SMI Remote Eyetracker and The Observer XT and FaceReader by Noldus, NELL has participated in a number of research projects and also offers commercial services.

'The expertise and support we received from Tracksys was pivotal to the success of the lab'

Dr Stephan Weibelzahl


World Usability Day

The Eye Tracking Glasses  (ETG) featured in a World Usability Day event held at User Vision in November.

Attendees were asked to read a traditional paper copy of a newspaper and also an on-line version via an iPad. The ETG were used to illustrate differences in the way information was accessed in the two mediums.

The User Vision team were all delighted with the new glasses and the impact they will have in these sorts of studies.

First Eye Tracking Glasses systems in use

Our first glasses customers are already working with their new systems and collecting data. Dr Gary Burnett at Nottingham University is using his Eye Tracking Glasses (ETG) in a driving simulator.

Meanwhile Manchester Metropolitan University are planning to use the ETG for a variety of projects including Usability Testing and Market Research.

Head of Digital Media and Entertainment Technology Dr Atif Waraich comments;

'Along with our SMI remote eyetracking system and behavioural observation suite, we think the ETG will have a huge impact on the research and services we can offer'

Eye Tracking Glasses Tour 2012

Would you like to see the Eye Tracking Glasses first hand? If so, please sign up for our 2012 Tour here.

  • We are happy to meet you and your research group to discuss what the glasses could bring to your research.
  • We can also provide seminars on the 'State-of The-Art in Behavioural Research' illustrated with tools from SMI, Noldus and SIMI


15th March 2012

The Observer XT Training Workshop - to register click here.


20th March 2012

Cambridge Neuroscience

21st March 2012

Oxford Neuroscience

11-13 April 2012

ASAB Spring Meeting

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Ergonomics and Human Factors

24-25 April 2012

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