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Behavioural Research News

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June 2007

Welcome to the first issue of Behavioural Research News

Our aim is to keep you updated on the development of all our behavioural research tools. We'll also be showcasing recent applications and user stories, as well as providing information on training and conference attendance.

Your feedback is very welcome!

In this issue:

Product Update

The Observer XT version 7.0

The Observer XT version 7.0 has been released and fully replaces version 5.0. Existing users of XT can download the latest version of the software from the Noldus website. Users of older versions can upgrade at a discount until the end of June to take advantage of the new features of the system. New features include 2-4 video views, external data import, improved visualisation and analysis options. contact us.  

EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT now includes a GLP module so you can protect your data and produce an audit trail (21CFR Part 2 compliant). download information sheet (PDF)


Motion Twin is a powerful motion measurement tool for biomechanics, sports coaching, rehabilitation and medicine. It allows simultaneous capture, overlay and analysis of up to four videos. Compare angle and distance measurements from multiple videos quickly and easily. HTML reporting allows quick and versatile 'before' and 'after' comparison and feedback. Click here for more details.

User Stories

Eyetrackers expand research possibilities at CUBRIC.

The new CUBRIC centre at Cardiff University is using eyetrackers supplied by Tracksys to Examine visuo-spatial attention in MEG & fMRI set-up

New camera system for bird studies at the University of Cambridge

New camera system for bird studies at the University of Cambridge (see case study). Lead by Prof. Nicky Clayton, work on western scrub jays shows they remember past experiences and plan for the future.

Observation Suite at Manchester University

Announcing a new observation suite at The Department of Psychology, Manchester University. The suite will be run by Dr Judith Holler to look at gesture use when talking.


Motion analyst joins our staff.

Andy Shaw will be supporting our motion analysis and sports research areas;

”I studied sports and exercise science with psychology. My research focussed on vision and the kinematics of human prehension. I then moved into commercial sales, but managed to keep my sporting links. Joining Tracksys is a great opportunity for me to combine my research background with my passion for sales and customer service. If you work in sports science, coaching, physiotherapy or ergonomics I look forward to talking to you in due course.”


27th June 2007

EthoVision Training Workshop. Nottingham University. Click here for more details.

28th June 2007

Observer Training Workshop - Nottingham University. Click here for more details.


16-18th July

Entomology 2007, Bath

22nd-25th July

British Association of Psychopharmacology, Harrogate

12-14th September

BASES 2007, Bath

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