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Welcome to Tracksys Behavioural News Spring 2017

In this issue we have the latest release of The Observer XT which includes great new features making integration and data import even easier. The latest DanioVision system is available for free short-term loans. There is a new observation lab at Essex University and we also have research stories using eyetracking glasses and EthoVision XT. We are showcasing a joint stand at next month's Retail Design Expo for those considering attending. Finally we have an exciting intergration between BioLab and Noldus Media Recorder.

In this issue:

  • The Observer XT 14 released
  • New DanioVision system available for free trial
  • Observation lab at the University of Essex
  • SMI Glasses using in study of attentional control
  • EthoVision XT and dementia research
  • Retail Design Expo 2017
  • BioLab integration with Noldus Media Recorder

Product Updates

N linx

Observer XT 14 released

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest version of The Observer XT - 14. The Observer XT 14 is now fully compatible with the Noldus communication protocol N-Linx. This allows The Observer to communicate and synchronise with multiple instances of FaceReader and Noldus Media Recorder. It can also communicate easily with Viso.

If you have an older licence then a range of new features have recently been added including;

  • Windows10 64 bit compatibility
  • Video recording via Noldus Media Recorder
  • Site licences (ideal for allowing simultaneous access for a large group of users
  • Integration with uLog 3.5
  • Loop in video and data selection by duration

Contact us at info@tracksys.co.uk for more information or a free trial.


DanioVision available to trial

The latest version of the Noldus DanioVision system is now available for free short-term loans. DanioVision can be used for high-throughput screening of zebrafish larvae and embryos, as well as other organisms such as Drosophila and Xenopus.

The new system includes a temperature control unit for applying a range of even, constant temperatures across the well-plate, and a tapping device to deliver a physical stimulus.

As former researchers ourselves we recognise the value of testing new equipment e.g. to collect pilot data to support grant bids. If you are interested in a trial please contact us at info@tracksys.co.uk

User Stories

Nick montague

EthoVision XT used in dementia research at Cambridge University

A research team led by Giovanna Mallucci in the School of Clinical Neurosciences are using EthoVision XT with a purpose-built filming rig made by Tracksys to look at mouse models of dementia. The system is used in novel object recognition studies on the progression of Alzheimer's disease. The filming rig includes in-built IR lighting and allows tracking in multiple arenas simultaneously.

Prof. Mallucci's laboratory has also been made a centre for Dementia Research and has already discovered two drugs with potentially therapeutic effects on dementia. More information of this can be found here.

Senior Research Fellow Dr Nick Montague is pictured with the system. 


New Observation Lab at University of Essex

This month Tracksys completed work on a new observation lab at the University of Essex. In collaboration with researchers in the Psychology Department we designed and installed a flexible system offering a wide range of research opportunities. The lab contains pan/tilt/zoom cameras that record via Noldus Media Recorder. Recording is triggered via The Observer XT 14 which is also used for analysis. Students can try their hand at data collection via specially provided low-cost Coder Licences.

"Our new observation lab is an exciting facility and will be used for a wide range of research and student projects"  - Steve Brewer Chief Technician  


SMI Glasses used for attentional control study in tennis

Emmanuel Ducoq and colleagues at Birkbeck University of London and the University of Exeter used the SMI Natural Gaze Eyetracking Glasses to investigate whether training inhibitory control using a visual search task could improve attentional control and performance.

Gaze data revealed that training elicited a near-transfer effect versus the control group. This work is important as it shows that training on a visual search task can improve inhibition (ability to resist distraction). In tennis this translated into an enhanced ability to focus on the ball around the time of impact and also when volleying.

More details on the study can be found here.

News Stories

Retail design

Retail Design Expo 2017

GROUNDED and TRACKSYS combine forces to exhibit at Retail Design Expo 8-9 May 2017 at Olympia London.

Directors of both companies are delighted to announce their presence on Stand R26 at this industry leading event to showcase the use of Eye Tracking for actionable retail and shopper insight.

“Whilst Eye tracking has been available for a quite a while, the latest SMI Eye Tracking Glasses are enabling us to have a much deeper and faster response for our analysis. These efficiencies create significant quantifiable metrics to help inform what people are actually seeing in the context of the retail space, whether it’s a new fixture in a category development project, to alternative designs for retail point of purchase, the outputs are enabling us to recommend immediate actionable improvements.” Roger Smith – Partner, Grounded.

“We have worked with Grounded over a number of years and are delighted to be supporting them at RDE. Their innovative use of our technology and interpretive skills has led to some outstanding collaborative results and benefits for both brands and retailers. Some of this important work will be shared not only on the Stand but also in a conference presentation with Jo Williams Senior Manager Customer Experience – Dulux Decorating Centre.” Dr Richard Lilley – Director, Tracksys.

More information www.groundedshopper.com or www.retaildesignexpo.com/conferences-2017/speakers


Mindware nmr

BioLab integration with Noldus Media Recorder

Mindware Technologies BioLab software now integrates with Noldus Media Recorder for synchronised digital video recording and physiology. The latest version of BioLab also has a host of new features including;

  • Support for remote control and event marking via UDP
  • Added support for event detection on the Bio 2 channel on the mobile
  • Support for events sent in wifi mode

If you'd like to know more please contact us at info@tracksys.co.uk


12 June

Observer Workshop

13 June

EthoVision Workshop


3 - 5 May

British Psychological Society Annual Conference - Brighton

23 - 26 May

Prion - Edinburgh

19 - 21 June

Child Vision Research  - Ulster

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