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Tracksys Behavioural News December 2016

We have news of a new partnership with Mindware Technologies, a fantastic new high-speed eyetracker from SMI, and a host of interesting user stories from health research to horse rider performance!

In this issue:

  • A new partnership with Mindware Technologies
  • SMI released 2000Hz eyetracker
  • SMI Glasses used in dementia research at UCL
  • University of Brighton launch health-related projects using SMI RED250Mobile and Glasses
  • RED500 used in autism research at Ulster University
  • Video showing The Observer XT triggering SMI Glasses recording released
  • SMI Glasses used with horse riders and coaches at NTU

Product Updates


Tracksys distributes for MIndWare Technologies

Tracksys is delighted to announce they are now distributing the products of Mindware Technologies.

Mindware Technologies has been providing premium laboratory solutions since 2001 in the fields of psychophysiology, neuroscience, social science, life sceience, as well as child and behavioural development. Both companies share the same values and approach - we want to understand researchers aims - and then deliver an easy to use, cost-effective and well-supported solution.

Mindware provides signal acquisition hardware to collect Cardiac Impedance, HRV, GSR/GSC, ECG/EKG, HR, BP and EMG. After acquistion they also provide analysis appliacations tailored to each signal in easy to use software.

Contact us for more information

2k eyetracker

SMI launch the next generation of remote eyetrackers - at up to 2000Hz

Introducing the next generation of remote eyetracking with state-of-the-art signal processing. Featuring:-

  • Binocular eyetracking up to 2000Hz with market-leading precision
  • 1000Hz tracking without a chinrest
  • Seamless integration with EEG, MRI and stimulus presentation
  • Wireless control via tablet with easy workflow
  • MRI compatible

Contact us to arrange a demo, workshop or trial.

User Stories


SMI Glasses used in a study on the effects of corticovisual impairment of navigation in Alzheimers

Researchers from the Dementia Research Centre, Brunel University, UCLIC and PAMELA have been studying several asspects of dementia-related visual impairment.

The SMI Eyetracking Glasses have been used in a simulated real-world environment at PAMELA to determine the role of corticovisual impairment on route finding and following. In a multi-strand project the researchers at PAMELA have used eyetracking and other measures to help inform the development of visual aids to improve everyday functional abilities.

More information on the use of eyetracking in this study can be found here.

Brighton pic

Brighton University uses SMI eyetrackers to investigate a range of health-related projects

Social scientists at the University of Brighton are using SMI Eyetracking Glasses and RED250Mobile systems to investigate a range of health-related projects.

"Eye-tracking technology is a growing field used to detect eye movements and analyse human processing of visual information in both the lab. and in natural environment. It can be used to train athletes and lifeguards, and help in criminal court cases, for example, explaining how people view CCTV footage, particularly when instructed to focus on specific features in the footage and witnessing different severity of crimes."

"This research is important as CCTV footage is used as evidence in court. However, very little is known about the behavioural characteristics of the CCTV observer and the strategies applied by observers when visually attending to CCTV footage."

Dr Gemma Graham, lecturer in forensic Psychology

More information on the range of projects that are planned can be found here

Aideen mcparland picture 2

SMI RED500 used to investigate gaze behaviour of children with ASD

Aideen McParland at the School of Psychology, Ulster University has used an SMI RED500 to investigate the gaze behaviours of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Static images and dynamic social interaction movies were used to find out what parts of the stimuli children with ASD fixate on - particularly in relation to faces. Data has allowed Aideen to develop strategies to help children with ASD in their primary school setting.

Going forward Aideen hopes to use the SMI Eyetracking Glasses to assess real-world situations.

News Stories

Observer smi

Wireless triggering of SMI Glasses via The Observer XT video released

A video showing how easily the SMI Glasses can be triggered to record via The Observer XT is available here. If this feature is of interest please do contact us. 


Carol Hall

Dr Carol Hall recently demonstrated the application of SMIs Eyetracking Glasses in coaching at an Equine Lecturers CPD event. Live views of the gaze were broadcast to large screens within the indoor arena at the Centre for Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at NTUs Brakenhurst Campus.


14 March

Observer Training Workshop

15 March

EthoVision Training Workshop


21 March

Cambridge Neuroscience

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