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2016 promises to be a revolutionary year with fantastic innovations from our partners. Headlining are the Natural Gaze Glasses from SMI which now track at 120Hz with fully automatic analysis in many applications. There's still time to book your place at Measuring Behaviour 2016 in Dublin, which brings together behavioural researchers from across a wide range of disciplines, both academic and commercial. Visit the new Tracksys website for details of all our solutions.

In this issue:

  • Automatic real-world eyetracking analysis
  • Native 120Hz upgrade for Natural Gaze
  • Phenotypers used in mouse pro-social and aggression behaviour study
  • Helmets and risk taking in cyclists
  • We are recruiting!
  • Measuring Behaviour 2016 
  • Product Updates


    Automatic real-world eyetracking is here!

    This year will usher in a new era of fast efficient real-world eyetracking using SMIs unique ASGM software. Users of SMI's Natural Gaze Glasses will be able to collect and analyse recordings from subjects in a wide range of mobile eyetracking situations within 24 hours! Coupled with the highest tracking fidelity of any system of its type, easy synchrony with other devices and a host of other unique features we are simply asking people to try them in their situation and decide for themselves.

    Contact us to see the Natural Gaze Glasses first-hand. 


    SMI Glasses 120Hz upgrade available

    Leading academics have welcomed the upgrade package for SMIs Natural Gaze Glasses that operate at an industry best native 120Hz sampling rate across the entire trackable field of view.


    Dr Aldo Faisal, Imperial College UK "To understand and predict human behaviour where it matters most, eye movement research has to move out of the lab. and into the wild. The real world and we within it are highly dynamic, and as we found eye movements are drastically different from lab. settings e.g. when walking in the city or living as home, we recommend eyetrackers to operate well above 100Hz. 

    Contact us for further information, or to see the Glasses for yourself.

    User Stories


    Helmet-wearing increases risk taking in cyclists

    Dr Tim Gamble and Dr Ian Walker at the University of Bath have conducted ground-breaking research into the behaviour of cyclists using an SMI mobile eyetracker. They found that wearing a helmet increases risk taking and sensation seeking.

    Ian explains  “The helmet could make zero difference to the outcome, but people wearing one seemed to take more risks in what was essentially a gambling task. The practical implication of our findings might be to suggest more extreme unintended consequences of safety equipment in hazardous situations than has previously been thought. Replicated in real-life settings, this could mean that people using protective equipment might take risks against which that protective equipment cannot reasonably be expected to help" 

    Full details of the study can be found here

    Phenotyper set up

    PhenoTypers and mouse social interactions

    The Behavioural Genetics Group at Cardiff University is using EthoVision and Phenotypers with add-on feeding monitors, lickometers and activity wheels to assess mouse social interactions - including pro-social and aggressive behaviours. The study also includes long-term monitoring throughout pregnancy.

    Group member Grainne McNamara comments  'As well as assessing the dam's behaviour during pregnancy the system allows us to study her interaction with her pups and her hedonistic state. Data and visual outputs are excellent for illustrating activity patterns'  

    News Stories


    We are recruiting!

    We need someone who is looking for a life outside research, but still very much connected to the community - both academic and commercial. You should be a confident individual who wants to try a business environment with its sales challenges and networking opportunities.  

    Show us what you can do by applying with a cv and covering letter no later than Friday 18th March 2016  that shows you have done some research on what Tracksys is and what you think you could bring to the company. More details on the role can be found here


    Measuring Behaviour

    Join us at Measuring Behaviour in Dublin this May (25-27th). Keynote topics including human analytics and big data, understand goal-directed behaviour using optogenetics techniques and the quality of behavioural research. This year's conference promises to be the most exciting and forward-thinking one in this long-running series. 


    22 March

    Observer Training Workshop. Contact us for more details and to attend

    23 March

    EthoVision Training Workshop. Contact us for more details and to attend


    19 - 21 April

    Ergonomics & Human Factors

    26 - 28 April

    British Psychological Society Annual Conference

    25 - 27 May

    Measuring Behavior 2016

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