Latest Releases

Bertec force measurement products

Bertec force measurement products 20/12/2022

Full range of force measurement devices from Bertec available.

EthoVision XT 16 Released

EthoVision XT 16 Released 01/06/2021

EthoVision XT 16 marks the start of the 'Deep Learning' era using neural networks to allow a computer to ‘learn by experience’. This drastically improves the detection of body points in rats and mice. The result: unsurpassed video tracking quality!

The deep learning-based detection of the nose point, center, and tail base of rats and mice truly takes video tracking to a new level, providing more accurate and stable body points detection. This is especially great for social preference testing, novel object recognition tests, hole board tests, elevated plus maze, etc.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 03/06/2020

  New wearable eye tracking glasses from Tobii Pro:

  • Easy to wear in real world scenarios
  • Embedded 4 cameras for accurate gaze data
  • Wide-angled scene camera capturing greater field of view
  • Slippage compensation giving robust data
  • Add-on IR blocking, safety lenses for outdoors and industrial environments
  • Snap-on corrective lenses
  • Synchronise with physiological data

FaceReader 8.1

FaceReader 8.1 26/05/2020

 Updated version 8 offers a number of improvements:


  • New reporting display – allows users to select analysis windows of interest, in their preferred layout

  • Improved batch analysis – analysed data saves automatically as it’s processed

  • Improved Experimental Consumption Behaviour Module includes chewing, biting and sipping, and is still free to use

Tobii Pro Fusion

Tobii Pro Fusion 17/10/2019

New screen-based eye tracker from Tobii Pro:

  • Up to 250Hz sampling rate for more detailed data
  • Fully portable with no external processing unit
  • Two eye cameras and improved algorithms giving greater head movement tolerance
  • Pupil size data reported
  • Eye images provided

EthoVision 15 released

EthoVision 15 released 09/09/2019

EthoVision XT 15 is here, with all these new features:


  • Body Point Detection – new intuitive names with improvements in the “Any species/default” method and Nose-Tail detection
  • Trial list – when clearing a trial to re-do the tracking, the link to the video is now maintained
  • Behaviour recognition – Subject Exposure Indicator added and flexibility on body point detection method now available
  • Data analysis – heatmap scale added to help quantify time of animal spent in a location
  • Data management – Backups can now be made without the dongle being inserted
  • Video tutorials – subtitles added and new tutorial on Behaviour Recognition Module
  • External Data – new import profile for Ponemah files from Data Sciences International
  • Basler settings can now be changed within EthoVision XT, instead of Pylon
  • 2 webcams now supported
  • Up to 16 IP cameras can be tracked
Viso 8

Viso 8 25/03/2019

New features to the video and audio recording software are:

  •     Viso Web App – a web based application for remote viewing and controlling recordings from any device
  •     Audit trail – allows supervision of all user actions to help comply with legislation
  •     Pre-roll interval – define the delay to start playing back the video before a marked event actually starts

FaceReader 8 and Baby FaceReader released

FaceReader 8 and Baby FaceReader released 11/01/2019

Here are the latest features and modules found in the newest version of FaceReader:

  •     Baby FaceReader licence – facial expressions in infants ageing 6 to 24 months
  •     Measure eating behaviour
  •     Audio recording and playback with video
  •     Analysis in low light conditions
  •     Action units now analysed for both left and right sides of the face
  •     Design your own expressions within the Action Unit Module
  •     Heart rate variability now available within the RPPG Module

EthoVision XT 14 released

EthoVision XT 14 released 09/07/2018

New to the EthoVision XT software:

  •          Statistics layout – customise to your needs
  •          USB and IP cameras now supported
  •          Analysis of minimum and maximum duration of state parameters
  •          Copy and paste blocks in trial control and data selection
Viso 7

Viso 7 19/06/2018

The video and audio recording software suite now has:

  •          Scheduling functionality – no more manual starts required
  •          Improved integration with The Observer XT
  •          A new database to improve system stability and reliability
  •          Improved consistency in interaction design