Theme in behavioural neuroscience - Hormone-behaviour interaction

Hirschenhauser, K; Frigerio, D; Grammer, K & Magnusson, M.

Theme was used to question the assumed direct effect of testosterone on men's sexual behaviour. A co-occurrence of testosterone peaks and sexual activity was observed more often in prospective fathers than in men who had no partner or did not want to have children with their current partner.
Prospective fathers were also different from other social groups in that they had a higher frequency of patterns with monthly testosterone peaks. The observed patterns suggest that men have the ability to respond hormonally to their partner's menstrual cycle.
The study highlights Theme as a unique tool to detect and analyse 'hidden' patterns. Patterns of this kind are hard or impossible to detect using other methods.
Hirschenhauser, K; Frigerio, D; Grammer, K & Magnusson, M. (2002). Monthly patterns of testosterone and behavior in prospective fathers. Hormones and Behavior. 42: 172-181