Eye Movement and Interface Design

Jon May, University of Sheffield*

The Cognitive Task Modelling Group at the University of Sheffield is currently working on an EPSRC-funded project modelling the perception and comprehension of dynamic displays in computer interface design.
The project compares interfaces that follow design principals identified by the ICS model of film watching with interfaces in which these principals are flouted.
Eye-movement data is collected by the iView X RED non-invasive and unobtrusive remote eye-tracking device to retain a naturalistic testing situation. The availability of the raw eye-tracking data in plain text form allows the experimenter to apply their own customised algorithms to identify contingencies between dynamic screen events and changes in gaze location. In this way, fixation data can be synchronised with interface actions and user responses to establish whether interfaces are minimising users' cognitive effort in the ways suggested by ICS principles.
*Jon May is now at The University of Plymouth.