Researchers in Conversation Podcast Episode 9: Professor Deirdre Murray on Paediatric Medicine and Research

Professor Deirdre Murray is both Head of Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at UCC and Clinical Lead for Paediatrics at Cork University Hospital, dividing her time between research and clinical work.  We get to hear how her enjoyment of science and being a people person paved the way towards a career in medicine.  Deirdre reveals the interaction of her dual role, enabling her to explore her curiosity beyond current, established protocols with the aim to use research outcomes to make small changes in the clinical approach.  Deirdre’s enthusiasm and dedication are apparent when she discusses her work with infants suffering the effects of hypoxia.  She also covers a project that looks to assess children at 2 years with an app, allowing those affected by hypoxia to be picked up earlier than school age and be supported.

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