Zoologists often need to make detailed observations in the field or laboratory, recording behaviour, activity and movement in a range of species from nematodes to primates.
Tracksys provides a range of behavioural measurement systems and recording equipment supported by two members of our staff who are zoologists.

What do you need to do?

Observation Product
Score behaviours from videoThe Observer XT
Score behaviours in the fieldThe Observer XT
Analyse walking and gaitSIMI Motion
Teach student how to make behavioural observationsObservation Suites
Automatically track movementEthoVision XT
Measure activity patternsEthoVision XT

Recommended Products

Example Scenarios

Here are some of the scenarios relevant to Zoology and the products that would be appropriate.

Scenario Recommended Products
Observe social interactions between primates

Portable Labs

The Observer XT

Tracking movement patterns as a stress indicator in pigs

EthoVision XT

The Observer XT

Modelling insect gait

SIMI Motion

Examining patterns in feed pecking behaviour in chickens

Portable Labs

The Observer XT

Activity budgets of farm and domestic animals

The Observer XT

Monitor marine mammals ultrasonic vocalisations

The Observer XT

UltraVox XT

Investigating dominance hierachies in baboons

The Observer XT

Filming aphid predators day and night

Remote Site

The Observer XT

Case Studies

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