Tobii Pro Spectrum

Tobii spectrum


The Tobii Pro Spectrum is the most advanced eye tracker from Tobii Pro operating at high sampling frequencies whilst allowing natural head movement.  It is ideal for demanding applied research, including: developmental psychology; reading and linguistics studies; visual perception and neuroscience.

How it Works

The Tobii Pro Spectrum measures the fastest eye movements, such as: saccades, tremors and micro-saccades, as well as pupil data.

  •         Sample rates: 60, 120, 150, 300, 600 or 1200Hz
  •          Dimensions and weight: 55 x 18 x 6cm & 5.1kg
  •          Gaze position accuracy: 0.3 degrees (optimal environment)
  •          Precision: 0.06 degrees (optimal environment)
  •          Tracking range: 34 x 26cm at 65cm
  •          1-14 point calibration (options for one eye or one eye at a time)
  •          Free SDK
  •          Compatible with third-party software such as E-prime 3, PyGaze, PsychoToolbox and Octave

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