The Observer XT



A complete system for recording, review and analysis of behaviour, live or from video. Define, code, display and analyse behaviour quickly and easily with almost limitless flexibility. Used in research, teaching and training.

How it Works

Decide on the behaviours you want to record and assign a keystroke to each.
Code your behaviours live or from video using your PC, laptop or handheld PDA.
View your data through graphs and tables. Use your behavioural codes to automatically generate annotated video highlights for presentations and feedback.
Analyse your data. The Observer includes a range of parameters that can be calculated automatically, reliability analysis for inter-user accuracy and lag-sequential analysis.
Export your data and statistics to Excel or SPSS for further analysis.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Generate descriptive statistics and graphs instantly, formatted the way you need themQuickly get meaningful statistics, tables and graphs from your observations you can use straight away
Use any video source and make multiple passes to add depth to your observationsComplex data can be collected easily, without error
View multiple video images simultaneouslyCode behaviours from different camera angles
The Observer XT can be used to collect quantitative and qualitative behavioural data in any situationCollect exactly the data you want, in the form you need it, whatever your application
Synchronise coding with external devices and import dataIntegrate your behavioural coding with other events
Access any point in your video at the touch of a button and generate video highlights directly from your codingGreat for teaching, training, coaching or presentations
Mobile solutions available using the rugged Psion Workabout Pro or a PDACode live wherever you need to, indoors or out


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
The Observer XT Base ModuleExperimental design, live coding and analysis
The Observer XT Student EditionAdd-on for teaching behavioural analysis
Video ModuleAdd-on to the Base Package for Video Analysis & Video Highlights
Screen Capture ModuleThe screen capture module collects superb quality footage from the screen of a PC or laptop so you can see exactly what the subject is doing. No hardware is involved and you do not even need to load software on the test computer
Multiple Video ExtensionCode from up to 4 video images simultaneously
External Data ModuleImport and view datastreams from external devices
Mobile ModuleAdd-on to the Base Package for use with a PDA or the Psion Workabout Pro
MPEG encodersConvert any video source to digital media files for video analysis
MP3 recordersFor the analysis of audio streams


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used The Observer XT:

Developmental Psychologists
Analysing parent-child interactions
Researching predator efficiency
Analysing the workload of railway signalmen
Web Developers
Usability testing of websites
Sports Scientists
Identifying subtle weakness and strengths in the national rugby team
Sports Coaches
Producing match statistics and highlights clips
Market Researchers
Looking at shopping behaviour
Coding primate behaviour in Africa with handheld computers
Analysing patient-doctor interactions from audio only recordings

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