IR Mazes

Ir maze


Difficulties in video tracking rodents on mazes are compounded by coat colour variation, low-build quality of apparatus and reflections (e.g from urine). Tracking small subjects like zebra-fish when high through-put and accurate tracking is needed is also difficult under normal light conditions.
Tracksys IR mazes eliminate the above problems, are built to order and also supplied in a range of standard sizes.

How it Works

Attach an IR pass filter to your camera.
Position one of our IR mazes beneath the camera.
Track the ‘IR shadow’ of your animal with no errors.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Underfloor IR lighting. Eliminates coat colour variation issues by tracking the IR-shadow of the animalAccurate tracking
Urine pools are invisible in IR light and cause no reflection problemsPotential sources of error are eliminated
High-quality build allows for easy, thorough cleaningAnimals are not influenced by the secretions of their predecessors
Automated components available eg: maze doors, which can be controlled through EthoVision XTExperimenter does not need to be present in room with animal
Standard or bespoke behavioural mazes in a range of colours and dimensionsMazes designed to meet your needs


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
The Observer XTComprehensive analysis of manually scored behaviours
EthoVision XTMake the most of our IR mazes for video tracking


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used IR Mazes:

Tracking mice in multiple open field mazes
Behavioural neuroscientists
Studying avoidance behaviour in rats

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