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Fundraising for Niemann-Pick disease

Fundraising for Niemann-Pick disease 06/10/2016

Tracksys were proud to sponsor the research group of Professor Fran Platt as they undertook a charity walk from their lab in Oxford to the Niemann-Pick UK Family Conference in Wyboston Lakes - a total of 65 miles! Niemann-Pick disease is an inherited neurodegenerative condition, mostly affecting children, and there is no known cure. NPUK do amazing work in supporting the families of those diagnosed with this disease. Professor Platts lab are a long standing customer of Tracksys who utilise the CatWalk gait analysis system in their research into Niemann-Pick Type C disease. Congratulations and well done to all who undertook the trek!

 SMI high-performance eyetracking for the HTC Vive

SMI high-performance eyetracking for the HTC Vive 20/09/2016

SMI has integrated its renowned eye tracking in the HTC Vive head mounted display (HMD), enabling new paradigms and fully controlled environments for naturalistic eye tracking studies. Eye tracking at 250 Hz allows full flexibility on research questions and the measurement of saccades as well as fixations. More information is availabe here.

Integrated eye tracking and behavioural coding

Integrated eye tracking and behavioural coding 23/06/2016

Combining eye tracking data with behavioral data offers detailed insights into the correlation of gaze behavior and behavioral response. SMI eye trackers produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention. Combine this with manually scored behavioral data from The Observer XT and the dataset becomes extremely powerful.  

This new wireless solution synchronises easily and accurately to allow the researcher to start and stop tracking via a simple mouse click in The Observer XT. The Eye Tracking Glasses are connected via WiFi to the data recorder the participant is carrying, while the data recorder communicates with The Observer XT. Cables are no longer required.

Tracksys at BPS Annual Conference

Tracksys at BPS Annual Conference 28/03/2016

Visit us at the Tracksys  stand at the BPS in Nottingham

Tracksys at Ergonomics & Human Factors

Tracksys at Ergonomics & Human Factors 21/03/2016

Visit our stand at the Ergonomics & Human Factors Annual Conference