Latest Releases

EthoVision XT 14 released

EthoVision XT 14 released 09/07/2018

New to the EthoVision XT software:

  •         Statistics layout – customise to your needs
  •          USB and IP cameras now supported
  •          Analysis of minimum and maximum duration of state parameters
  •          Copy and paste blocks in trial control and data selection
Viso 7

Viso 7 19/06/2018

The video and audio recording software suite now has:

  •          Scheduling functionality – no more manual starts required
  •          Improved integration with The Observer XT
  •          A new database to improve system stability and reliability
  •          Improved consistency in interaction design
MindWare analysis applications - now 3.2

MindWare analysis applications - now 3.2 27/03/2018

Brand new versions of HRV, IMP and EDA Analysis Applications.  New functionality includes:

  •          Automatically track data editing statistics
  •          Save edits as you work
  •          Write out results without needing Excel
  •          Multiple data channel editing

The Observer XT update to 14.1

The Observer XT update to 14.1 28/10/2017

Latest developments in The Observer XT software:

  •          Biopac AcqKnowledge physiological data to be transferred automatically into The Observer
  •          An improved connection with the Tobii Pro Studio eye tracking software
  •          Updated Tobii file converter
  •          The ability for Observer XT to start/stop E-prime 3.0 projects
FaceReader update to 7.1

FaceReader update to 7.1 28/10/2017

The most recent updates to FaceReader include:

  •          Measurement of 3 affective attitudes on an experimental basis – ‘interest’, ‘confusion’ and boredom’
  •          Simplification of importing FaceReader data into other software packages such as SPSS and Excel
  •          Automatic linking of video files through N-Linx

CatWalk and DanioVision free trial systems available

CatWalk and DanioVision free trial systems available 14/07/2017

We are delighted to announce we have a new trial DanioVision system available as well as CatWalk.

Contact Dr Richard Lilley ( for a free trial of the systems!

EthoVision XT 13 released

EthoVision XT 13 released 01/07/2017

EthoVision XT 13 is now available with a host of new features including:

  • Automatic recognition of behaviours such as jumping and grooming
  • New functionality for the Manual Event Recorder including live and offline scoring, reduced speed (frame by frame) scoring and using scored behaviours for trial and hardware control
  • Define your own parameters via multi-condition variables e.g. based on heading, movement and location
  • Free interval analysis - compare behaviours before and after a time, behaviour or trial control condition
The Observer XT 14 released

The Observer XT 14 released 15/05/2017

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest version of The Observer XT - 14. The Observer XT 14 is now fully compatible with the Noldus communication protocol N-Linx. This allows The Observer to communicate and synchronise with multiple instances of FaceReader and Noldus Media Recorder. It can also communicate easily with Viso.

If you have an older licence then a range of new features have recently been added including;

  • Windows10 64 bit compatibility
  • Video recording via Noldus Media Recorder
  • Site licences (ideal for allowing simultaneous access for a large group of users)
  • Integration with uLog 3.5
  • Loop in video and data selection by duration
Tracksys partners with MindWare Technologies

Tracksys partners with MindWare Technologies 01/02/2017

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with MindWare Technologies. We are now offering an excellent range of products for psychophysiology, neuroscience, social and life sciences and behavioural development; all integrated with our existing complementary products, such as The Observer XT.

Fundraising for Niemann-Pick disease

Fundraising for Niemann-Pick disease 06/10/2016

Tracksys were proud to sponsor the research group of Professor Fran Platt as they undertook a charity walk from their lab in Oxford to the Niemann-Pick UK Family Conference in Wyboston Lakes - a total of 65 miles! Niemann-Pick disease is an inherited neurodegenerative condition, mostly affecting children, and there is no known cure. NPUK do amazing work in supporting the families of those diagnosed with this disease. Professor Platts lab are a long standing customer of Tracksys who utilise the CatWalk gait analysis system in their research into Niemann-Pick Type C disease. Congratulations and well done to all who undertook the trek!